Заработок в интернете




3waycashflow.com - Membership fee

adgoogle.com - App site, not for PC users.

adstabux.com - Must post in forum and eventually invest into this site

advertise-earnbux.com - requires investment/upgrade to cashout

amazbux.com - Site has a total maximum cashout limit. Which means it will eventually require investment.

avalancheptc.info - Profit share site. Earnings are not actual.

belijo.com - MinuteStaff site.

bestpoundsbux.com - Investment required to get paid.

bux2013.com - Read terms. Investment required to get paid.

buxcoib.com - Can only cashout 1/2 of earnings. Must buy ads to receive full amount

buxhyiping.com - Investment site

buxpays.me.pn - FREE domain/Sub-domain

buxproof.com - Investment required to cashout.

cashbux.net - Must invest to cashout

cashinonbanners.com - Banner exchange and requires you to upgrade to earn cash.

cashtowns.com - Europe based gaming site, hard for me to review, must use resellers to cashout.

click-world.info - Will Only Pay Honest and Active Upgraded Members.

clickerscorner.info - This site is a profit sharing traffic exchange.

clickpaid.com - must buy ads or refer others. Like their previous site profitclicking / justbeenpaid

clixboom.com - Not fully in English

coingeneration.com - Requires you to install their software.

colouredsmokeptc.info - ONLY UPGRADED members can make a payout request

crystal4bux.com - Requires investment.

blueskyptc.com - Registration closed and complaints.

chinatownptc.info -ONLY making payments to Upgraded members

coiros.com - Membership fee

dailypayclicks.com - Must invest to cashout

dht-clix.com - Must invest to cashout

dooyoo.co.uk - Must have a UK address.

earningnation.com - Must refer to get paid again.

fanslave.com - primary role is to pay users to like facebook pages

getbuxtoday.com - Site now requires investment if you have cashed out a total amount.

globaladmart.com - asks for a e-pin at registration and subscription price.

godsloveptc.info - 75% Cashout Fee

goldmanbux.com - Forced investment site.

gooprize.com - Not entirely in English.

grandadbux.com - Forced investment site.

imperialgetcash.com - Reported standards will no longer be paid

instant5dollars.com - you have to make a single payment of $8

maribux.com - Only 1% of ptc earnings paid out.

mistywoodsptc.info - profit sharing traffic exchange.

modernbux.net - Forced investment site.

morachat.com - Forum.

myrightad.com - investment or membership fee required.

mylot.com - no longer pays cash for participation.

newelitebux.com - investmnt required to cashout

niyoms.com - investmnt required after $2.50 is cashed out

okpay.com - No longer provides services to USA members.

owlbux.com - Requires investment to casout.

paid4points.com - must complete at least one offer to gain entry.

paidtolike.com - asks for members to like facebook pages to earn.

prclick.it - Site not in English

proclick.dynsub.com - MinuteStaff site

ptc-group.net - Team site

ptcmadness.info - in order to make a withdrawal, you must be an upgraded member.

pure-profit-clix.com - Upgrading is required to receive payout on this site.

reffbux.com - Must invest to cashout

research.fm - Invite only and site does not give a way to register.

revenueincome.com - minutestaff site

ringbux.com - 90% cashout fees reported

sekbux.com - Investment required

share2bux.com - Forced investment site

sureadz.com - Forced investment site

todayadz.com - Site is only for a certain country and we can not test or review it.

trafficexbux.com - no payouts will be made

typingathome.net - Registration Fees

ultimateteamsuccess.com - Requires purchase to cashout

utsprofitads.com - Standards can only cashout 70% of earnings

visitads.com - Must have an active ad pack/hyip

vybux.com - Must invest to cashout

zorbux.com - Must invest to cashout


123Bingoonline.com - Gambling site

150cents.com - Requires upgrade to cashout. Suspicion posted on their forum about adptc (Source)

92bux.com - Max cashout total. Forced to invest.

20dollars2surf.com - Requires you to download their software;

50clickstocashout.com - FOR EVERY $5.00 YOU WILL BE Paid only $1.00, forced reinvest site.

5voucher.com - USA currently blocked to register. I can't review it till they unblock this location.

2dollarwave.com - Forced matrix.

1centclicks.biz - This is an advertising only site, no cash payout are made.

1dollarnoads.com - Forced investment site.

1malaysia-click.com - Front page in non-English and forced investment site. IMG

1stdaybux.com - Investment required.

1upmax.com - Asks for money - $16.50

aaachoo.com - Requires $29.95 to sign up

ad-for.com - $35 fee

ad-for.net - $35 fee

ad-lantis.com - Standards will have to invest to continue to cashout from site.

ad2million.com - You cannot earn or withdraw as a free member.

add4bonus.com - Must invest http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/928/add4bonus2.jpg

adpost2earn.com - says it pays to post links on blogs and sites. Basically spamming. Not reviewable

ads-profits.com - Site is not in English

admediatraders.com - Requires investment or purchase

adviewer.in - Pays in Rs by check, can't review a site that is not in a currency we can use or test.

aebux.info - Read terms. Earnings are not actual.

affiligal.com - Non-English site.

algerbux.com - requires investment after a total amount is cashed out IMG

allarepaid.com - investment program

allprobuyers.com - must invest $1 to cashout.

allthatcash.info - Account earnings are not actual... profit share site. Read terms.

alohaclickers.info - The cash earned in your accounts is not actual money. Profit Share

amabux.com - Profit Share Site ...pay from 90% of yesterday's revenues

anyearuagain.com - Free members only can win contest money. Earned credits go towards ads.

anyoption.com - Forex

apbux.com- Must invest to cashout

aquariusptc.info - Earnings are not actual.

asianptc.com - can't reivew it, requires my country to upgrade to cashout (USA).

aussieprizes.com.au - ...all competitions are open to Australian residents

autocashfunnel.com - Asks for money Poor Reputation Source

automatedprofitpackage.com - Asks for money. IMG

adszensptc.com - Standards can't cashout

adzsure.com - Standard members can cashout 120% of their investments.

ball8ptc.com - No payments, only exchange site. Read Terms.

ball9ptc.com - You only receive 1% of cashout. Read Terms

bankofptc.info - Free members will be paid only 1% of their total request. Profit Share site

bannerpillar.com - Must invest or account will be deleted.

bb-bux.com - Invest only site

beeperbucks.com - $47.97 fee. Not a free site

beruby.com - USA site now in Spanish. No Longer Reviewable.

bestclicever.com - Forced investment site and profit share. Earnings are not actual. Read terms.

besteurosbux.com - Reported as a forced investment site when trying to cashout.

bet4fan.com - sports betting site.

bigclikz.com - Requires investment.

bigshotclicks.com- Forced investment site. Must invest to cashout.

bigtimebux.com - Forced investment site. Cashout limit = 150%

birdybux.com - Profit share site where earnings are not actual earnings. Read Terms.

birejji.com - Paid to chat site.

bkclicks.com - Read the terms THIS IS NOT A PAID SITE Earnings are only for ad credits.

blackberrybux.com - Terms #35 This is an investment site

bluethunderptc.info - Payout is only for Premium Members only.

bninvestmentsbux.com - Must Invest to cashout

bountibux.com - Requires investment

boutmybux.com - Free members must purchase any upgrade or invest ... READ TERMS

braclick.com - you have to make the at least one Recharge in Super Auction or Bet in Lotto Terms

bronze-bux.com - Read Terms: 10) You must invest at least $5 to cashout! IMG

burberrybux.com - requires investment after a total amount is cashed out. IMG (Complaint - Source)

bux-cart.com - Read Terms Free members will be paid only 1% of their total request.

bux-matrix.com - Standards must buy membership to cashout

bux4cash.com - Cashout limit = 150% of total purchases + $5 - What you already received

bux4share.com - Standards can't cashout. Must have Sunday Income Sharing IMG #1IMG #2

buxaffiliates.com - Read terms Must invest in Purchase balance to cash out

buxbanker.com - Reported as a forced investment site. Also bogus high rate per click ads.

buxbrasil.net - non English site, translation does not work throughout the site.

buxceo.com - Requires Investment to cashout

buxclan.com - Read terms, ads only site. No money to be made.

buxelona.com - Requires investment

buxmerang.com - Must upgrade to cashout

buxmux.com - Standards can't cashout. (Source)

buxperience.com - Members can cashout a percent of their investment:

buxplosion.com - Non earning traffic exchange.

buxeyes.com - Investment site the percentage (120%-130%-140%-150%) for your maximum profit applies to the current-membership.

buxeyes.net - Forced Investment Site IMG 1IMG 2

buxify.com - Must keep investing into site. 1st time you can use account balance, 2nd must invest

buxism.com - Forced investment site. IMG1

buxiz.com - Matrix site, asks for money.

buxjunction.com - Only upgraded can cashout.

buxk2.com - Forced investment site.

buxlover.com - Must invest after 2nd cashout

buxna.com - Must invest to receive 2nd cashout

buxpounds.com - upgrade page showing that standards can't cashout.

buxreflink.com - Must invest.

buxricka.com - Earnings are not actual.

buxro.com - Requires investment after a total amount is cashed out. IMG

buxsplash.com - Must invest to cashout

buxtide.com - You must invest to this site. The minimum is 10$.

buxu2.com - only 1% of amount requested to cashouts

buxwave.com - you will be paid 50% of your total payment request.

caibux.com - cashout up to $5 first time after that investment is nessessary Read Terms

callbux.com - We pay only to upgrade accounts.

calling4cashptc.info - The cash earned in your accounts is not actual money Read Terms

capitalfunds101.com - HYIP

captchatrader.com - Captcha site

cash4clicking.com - Ad only site. Read terms.

cash4clickingptc.com - Ad only site. Read terms.

cashnclix.com - You must make a minimum $2 investment

cashgopher.com - Must download their software to use

cashsurveysonly.com - Asks for money to join.

cashtexts.com - Cell phone/texting site.

cashtin.info - Profit share site. Earnings are not actual.

centptc.com - Plans on changing into a forced investment site (source)

centurybux.com - Profit share site.

cherryclicks.info - Account earnings are not actual earnings Read terms.

cinema-ptc.info - Account earnings are not actual earnings

classique-pounds.com - False advertises no investment, but cashout page says differently. See IMAGE

clickaction.info - Earnings are not actual and standards can only cashout 1%.

clickforadollar.com - Bogus Rates. Read terms The cash earned in your accounts is not actual...

clickingheaven.com - The cash earned in your accounts is not actual money

clickingheaven.info - Earnings are not actual - Profit share site.

clicklucre.com - Non-English site

clickmonster.info - Profit share site. Read terms! cash earned in your accounts is not actual money.

clicktoamillionhitz.info - at least 3 active ads in our system in order to request payout each month

clicksmoney.com - Standard members can not cashout.

clixland.org - Must invest to cashout

clixsure.com - Requires investment to keep cashing out.

club-asteria.com - Only upgraded earn commissions and cashout (IMG)

clix50bux.com - Requires you to upgrade to receive other half of cashout. Reports about non payment.

clix-cents.com - Forced to upgrade.

clixeria-max.com - You will need to upgrade your account to receive more payments

clixeria.com - 50% of earnings must go toward upgrade.

coloursbux.com - Earnings are not actual. Profit share site.

commission-crusher.com - ebook, fees

conptc.com - Contest site, only prize winners earn.

contash.com - Only contest winners earn.

contestbux.com - Forced Investment Read terms need to invest in order to recive payment here!.

counterbux.com - Cashout limit = 150% of total purchases + $5 - What you already received

cvebux.com - Requires you to complete an offer to access the site. IMG

cyberonlinejobs.net - Fee to use their service.

daily-funds.com - Investment site.

dance-ptc.info - Standard Members should only expect up to 1% of their earnings.

daphneclix.net - Only Upgraded Members can cashout or use your earnings to advertise!

data-typing-business.com - Asks for money or a fee to use. NOW ONLY $49.99!

dataentrywork.net - Either have to upgrade or refer a bunch of people to use the site.

dbclix.com - Non-English site, not reviewable

diamondsptc.com - TOS Only upgraded members requested payment - Not reviewable

dimbouls.com.br - Non English site, not reviewable. Complaint received

directpaidsurveys.com - $34.95 fee to join.

dollar-cents.com - Standards only get paid half of cashout. Forced to invest with other half.

dollardazzler.biz - You must purchase at least one $1 US article if you want to activate your account and generate earnings.

dollarinbux.com - Every $20 you make in DollarinBux = Real US $1

doublerbux.com - Requires invstment

earn20.com - Rupees only, not in our currency and not a site we can review.

earncashptc.info - Free members will be paid only 1% of their total request.

earngroups.com - HYIP - nor reviewable.

earningsip.com - requires you to complete surveys from sharecash.org

earnparttimejobs.com - Must refer others before you can gain access do data entry.

earnsurfer.com - Must download or instal toolbar to earn.

easy-dollar.info - Requires a fee to join. Most likely a scam. $15 per email.

egypt-ptc.info - Profit share site. Earnings are not actual.

en.20dollars2surf.com - Requires you to download their toolbar

enjoytraffic.com - Traffic Exchange that only pays if you win a contest.

ensurebux.com - Reported as a forced investment site.

epicbuxx.com - Requires Investment after $5 cashout IMG

essenceclix.com - you can only cashout 130% of your investment for standard members ....

euro2012bux.com - Standards can't can't cashout.

eurobuxtoday.com - you will be paid Half you are required to upgrade to the PPEMIUM

europabux.com - Read terms. For request a payout you have to make an investment.

eurotoclick.com - Non English site

evolutionclix.com - Requires investment

expresspaidsurveys.com - requires a fee.

facebookpromotions.com - Earn coins and exchange them for followers.

facebux.net - Profit share site where earnings are not actual earnings.

falconbux.com - Profit share site where earnings are not actual earnings.

fanbux.com - Reported that you must invest/pay in order to cashout

fancybux.com - Premium ONLY are allowed to request for a cashout Read terms

fantasiabux.com - This is an investment site. Read terms

fastonlinebux.com - Forced investment site after you cashout a certain amount IMG

fastinvestbux.com - Forced Investment site. Read terms

feedermatrix.com - Forced matrix.

fiestaclickers.info - profit share site.

fightbux.com -complaints about site making you invest in order to cashout.

filekeen.com - File share site.

filesonic.com - File sharing site

findingbux.com - Requires investment, owner known for stopping payouts. Use caution.

forcedincomeptc.com - Pays only $5 of your $20 request. Rest must be used for gift voucher to site

fourdollarclick.com - Only upgraded can cashout.

fxinvgroup.com - Forex

fx-funds.net - HYIP

gaclicks.com - Forcing members to download toolbar.

gaiafile.com - file sharing site

gamersdelightptc.info - Account earnings are not actual earnings

genuineptr.com - Scam and requires investment.

getbux2day.in - Requires investment.

getpaidtonight.com - Turned from a task site into a tutorial site.

getinfree.com - currency is not actual USD. credits.

ghost-N-GhoulsPtc.info - Free members can only use their earnings for advertising!

globobux.com - Forced Investment site. Must invest after receive a total of $5

globalinvestmentsbux.com - Investment scheme / Complaints

gomezpeerzone.com - Must download their software to use

gmtbux.com - Forced to invest.

gobtrading.com - HYIP/Forex

godfathertraffic.com - only upgraded can cashout

golden-finger.biz - HYIP

goldenPTC.com - Requires Investment.

gomezpeerzone.com - requires software to be downloaded to use

gordslivebux.com - Requires investment. Not reviewable.

gbpbux.com - Upgraded members can cashout only. Rates per click are unsustainable. ?0.24

granddadbux.com - You will be paid 130 % of Your investment!!

greatmoney247.com - HYIP site.

greetingbux.com - Reported as a forced investment site. Also not paying. See link for more info.

growingbux.com - Requires investment after 120% is cashed out.

gulfreserve.com - Investment site.

hahaclix.com - forced investment site

halfpennyclicks.info - Possible Scam - Complaints received. See comment section below.Requires investment after 5th cashout

handbux.com - 10) Members must invest in order to get paid. Read terms.

hardcoreptc.info - must make purchase to verify account.

HawaiianHitz.com- Dead traffic exchange with no way to earn.

hazebux.com - earnings are estimated value Also says neopays in their terms. NeoPays is a scam.

heartclicks.info - Standard Members should only expect up to 1% of their earnings Read terms.

herukainvestmentbux.com - free members must upgrade before giving their second request payout.

hmvgiftcard.com - pays only by giftcard to a store that is located in the UK only.

hope1bux.com - Earnings are not actual. Complaint received. (IMG)

hotfile.com - paid to download

hunbux.eu - non-english site, complaints about non payments received.

hreembux.com - 2nd cashout requires investment

hyaffiliates.com - forex affiliate site

icybux.com - Forced investment site.

idr-clickit.com - Non-English site, not reviewable

ienbux.com - Turned into a forced investment site. No longer reviewable

ienfunds.com - Investment Program, not reviewable

imagehyper.com - Porn Ads

imperiabux.com - Requires investment after total amount is cashed out.

incensebux.com - 200% maximum total cashout limit for standards. Forced investment site.

incrasebux.com - Requires Investment after $5 cashout

introbux.info - first payment are free, another payments need invest received complaint about rules changing after members have joined.

iprbux.com - Can only cashout 1% of balance. 1% for Paypal and 99% to purchase Balance.

instastudio.com - complaints received. Site is a freelance writing site for those of India.

iqbux.com - Requires investment after a total amount is cashed out IMG

italianclick.info - Non-English site, not reviewable

ixclix.com - Profit share site.

ixinvest.com - Free members will be paid only 1% of their total request.

jailbux.com - Will eventually require investment (Source)

jfbux.com - Requires investment (Source)

jjjbux.com - Reported as forced investment site. Also bogus high rate per click.

jointopline.com - requires you to download software and hijacks ads from site owners.

jkbux.com - Reported as an investment site.

josefluptak.com - #4 terms, INVEST SITE - also lots of complaints about scam.

justbeenpaid.com - Investment site.

justwobux.com - Payout total maximum (percentage) 110%

klikajadeh.com - Non-English site, not reviewable

kvclix.biz - Earnings not actual.

lalaloot.com - prize/game site.

landbux.com - Forced Investment site

latinbux.us - Non-English site.

latinbux.com - Forced Investment site IMG

leemails.com - Non-English site, not reviewable

legit-bux.com - Forced investment site

legitonlinejobs.com - Asks for a $49.95 fee, not reviewable

lemondropclickers.info - Profit share site.

levelonepower.com - $2.50 fee, Complaint received IMG

levelupptc.com - standards can't cashout on this site.

libertyreserveinvestments.biz - HYIP

lifesdream.org - not reviewable, profit share from Forex, and forum activities

livbux.com - Forced investment site after you cashout a certain amount IMG

long-termbux.com - you have to upgrade to LT#2 for $2.75

lucky-bux.com - Requires investment after a percentage is cashed out. IMG

lunarlandbux.com - Reported as a site that requires investment to cashout. Complaints reported.

lysvalley.it - after two cashout will not be able to receive payments if they do not make at least an upgrade

madptcxchange.com - Standards must complete downloads and exchanges to cashout

majestybux.com - Requires investment (Source)

magicalclix.com - Requires purcahse to be paid.

magnabux.com - Requires investment after a percentage is cashed out IMG

makercash.com - Investment site. HYIP.

maniaclicksbrazil.com - Non English site / Requires investment (received by complaint)

marihuanabux.com - 50% of your earnings go back to the site upon cashout.

marshbux.com - Payout request for member who has not upgraded or even invests was REMOVED

matrix2dollars.com - $2 fee.

matrix-friends.com - Matrix site, $15 fee.

mauibux.com - Forced investment site.

mazikabux.com - Forced investment site

megaonlinejobs.com - Fees to access work

megatypers.com - Captcha site

memberbux.com - Requires investment

memebux.com - Forced investment site and complaints about scam.

mermaidptc.info - The cash earned in your account is not actual money Read terms.

messibux.com - This is an investment site, to cash out you need to invest firstly. IMG

metropolisgl.com - HYIP/Investment site

mewbux.net- Requires investment

miguelangelbux.com - non English site

milliondollarbuxx.com - Has to refer 5 members who upgrade their accounts

mintptc.com - You must invest at least $10

mirrorptc.com - Half of cashout must invest into site.

mondobux.com - No longer reviewable. Required Investment site. IMG

moneyinv.com - Requires Investment. Not reviewable

moreshare.com - No money to be made from this site. Only for advertising.

morningstarbux.com - reported that the cashout page stated needed investment to cashout.

multiplybux.com - Investment Required.

musclecarsptc.info - Earnings are not actual.

mxfastmoney.com - $40 reg fee/matrix

myaffiliatecashsystem.com - Fee and a ebook. Not reviewable.

mybuxl.com - Requires investment after cashout. IMG

myfreemint.com - Requires you to download browser extension.

mylikes.com - paid to post on social network sites.

myrewardtoday.com - No cash just prizes.

mysteryptc.info - Profit share site with complaints.

nile-land.com - Profit Share Site.

neo20bux.com - Payout fees are 80% - 90% for all membership !

netpennystocks.com - investment site

newbuxmatrixindia.com - Forced Matrix

newyorkbux.com - Earnings are not actual

nonprofitbux.com -You will earn virtual money that cannot be withdrawn.

ntbux.com - Free members can only cashout a limit amount b4 they are required to invest . IMG

nuestrobux.com - Non-English site.

offer20.com - Standard members can not ask for payment without investment or upgrade!

office-ptc.info - reported the site now requires investment IMG

omicore.net - Forced matrix, either from own pocket or your earnings.

onedollarpaid.com - Profit share site (standards only get paid 1% of earnings)

onedollarriches.com - fee to join

online-home-jobs.com - Fee to use the site. IMG

onlineaddclick.net - asking for a e-pin and does not give instructions on how to obtain one. Possible forced investment site.

onlineearn4u.net - zero ads showing for standards and showing a message to upgrade.

onlineismoney.com - Asks for money to join

onlinejobsfree.com - Nothing to earn from here. Just shows 3rd party ads and links.

onlinejobsopen.com - must upgrade to receive jobs

onsearchia.com - Requires investment.

oskarbux.com - advertise only site. No cash is made.

outdoorbux.com - you must invest (min.$5.00) to get paid Read terms

ourbux.info - Standards can only cashout $5 max.

owlbux.com - Upgraded members can request a payment...

paid-surveys-at-home.com - Asks for money to join

paisalive.com - pays by check in Rs, not in our currency.

passionbux.com - Profit share site. Earnings are not actual.

patokbux.com - Must invest. IMG

party-email.com - Redeem for ads only site. Posted on the front page

partyalldayptc.info - Earnings are not actual. Read terms.

paybux.com - Only premium members are able to redeem their points into cash

payinclick.com - Half of cashout is forced to invest

paymebucks.info - Account earnings are not actual earnings, Profit Share

paymilo.com - HYIP


peacebux.com - and only members upgrading to Moon Membership will get paid

post2pay.me - Paid to post site


payperuse.eu - Non English - not reviewable

paytoclix.info - only upgraded members can cashout

pemobux.com - Requires investment after you cashout IMG

pitagobux.com - must upgrade, read terms.

planet-traffic.com - Advertising site for advertisers to buy ads. Not a ptc site.

plusyourmoney.com - Requires investment.

portfolioptc.com - Free members will be paid only 1% Profit Share Site. READ TERMS.

postblogclicks.com - Paid to post.

postloop.com - Paid to post, not reviewable.

power2share.net - Only Upgraded can cashout

powerfullearn.com - Must invest to casahout

prizee.com - Non English site

profit2share.com - profit share site. Paid memberships get payouts and products.

profitbuxptc.com - Requires investment after you casout a certain amount IMG

profitclicking.com - Investment eventually required (forced investment site)

protypers.com - Captcha site.

psmbux.com - Profit Share site.Earnings are not actual.

profitsystemonline.com - ebook, $97 fee! not reviewable

ptc.dinheirojusto.com - Forum not in English.

ptcbank.net - porn ads with no separate area to show such ads. Also a scam, 10 cents per click not sustainable.

ptcbuxs.com - Requires investment

ptcboss.com - Non English Site

ptcstorebux.com - Must upgrade with balance. Free members can't cashout

ptctuno.com - Non English Site

ptcengine.com - You are required to invest in PTCengine .... in order to cash out.

ptc-mania.com - Standards must upgrade.

publipt.com - Non-English site, English version of site doesn't always work.

qqqbux.com - Requires investment

ratuptc.com - Payout total maximum (fixed) $20

rayadosbux.es.tl - Non English Site


realcashptr.com - Payout made after Upgrade Your Membership

realinvestmentbux.com - Investment site

referralbuilderbux.com - Cashout limit for standards.

relaxbux.com - All members must invest first in order to receive payment. IMG

reprofinance.com - HYIP

rewardtv.com - Prize site

rgclix.com - Forced investment site. Must invest to get paid.

rgobux.com - to order your first payment will need to invest

richestbux.com - Traffic Exchange. Earnings are converted to traffic points

richptc.me - Earnings are not actual. Every $2500 you make in Richptc = $1 Real. Read terms

richybux.com - Members with direct referrals, must upgrade their accounts to receive payments

ro2.biz - chat room/site

robotic-invest.com - Investment scheme

rolexbux.com - Forced Investment site. 9) All members need to invest in order to cashout

ronaldobux.com - This is an investment site, to cash out you need to invest firstly IMG

roxptc.com - Not reviewable, non English site.

rupyalive.com - Pays by check in Rs.

saturnoptc.com - Half English and half non English. Ads and forum in non English

scapebux.com - Complaints about non payments All members need to invest in order to cashout

seasonsbux.com - Standards can only cashout maximum of 20 , exceeded this threshold will have to purchase an upgrade.

sebyarbux.com - Investment is required to receive payment. Read terms.

secrethomedataentry.com - Scam complaint received. Check comments below. Pro members are allowed to request payout Upgraded Only

select4wealth.com - Only upgraded earns from this site.

sellbank.net - Non-English site.

sentraclix.com - Non-English site

seosprint.net - Non-English site

sharecash.org - File share site.

sharefoco.com - shows adult images in their ads with no option to disable.

shbux.com - A lot of complaints about scam, also must invest to cashout. IMG

shotbux.com - 90% fee - Bogus rate per click, earnings are not actual.

shoterbux.com - reported as investment site by user despite home page false advertises no investment.

signupsandtraffic.com -owned by DonkeyMails it is for advertisers to run a ad throughout their network

sincerebux.com - Earnings are not actual reports about forced investment received.

slaptheguru.com - Ebook

slevinbux.com - Requires investment after you casout a certain amount. IMG

spainptc.com - Not fully in English.

sparklebux.com - cashout Fees 90-94 %

starwarssurf.com - Free members have 7 days to ugprade or you will be deleted. Source: FAQ

softzim.info - Requires investment.

spbux.com - Read the terms! Ads only Site

speakasiaonline.com - asks for money or sensitive documents of your past salary.

sterlingbux.com - Free members can only cashout a limit amount b4 they are required to invest IMG

suksesinvestasimandiriplus.com - Standard Members Limited only one time Payout minimum $2.00.

sulitbux.com - you need to invest to cashout terms

sumabux.com - Must invest after total is cashout. Also high rate per click site, a sign of a scam.

sunshineclicks.com - Earnings are not actual Profit share site. Read terms.

super-ptc.com - non-English

superrendaclique.com - non-English

superstarptc.info - Profitshare site. Earnings are not actual.

surepaybux.com - 50% of earnings go back to the site at cashout.


surfforbux.com - Earnings not actual. 100.00 Surfforbux Cash= $1.00 real cash

surfmore.eu - Non English Site

surveyspaid.com - Required to pay a feel. IMG

surveys4checks.com - Must pay a fee w/poor reputation (source)

surveys4income.com - ebook/clickbank, how to get rich site

surveyden.com - 34.95 fee

symbux.com - Requires investment after maxed amount cashed out Source

tekbux.com - Requires investment after maxed amount cashed out Source

tenadsplus.com - Requires investment

tendollars2surf.com - Requires you to download their software.

terragon-emails.com - NO PAYOUT Options. Redeem Only!!

texasbux.com - Read terms This is an investment site.

textcashnetwork.com - Mobile/Cell phone site.

the3cashmachine.com - Ebook/how to site.

thecharityclicker.com 50% cashout fee.

themillionbux.com - Requires investment to cashout (source).

thepanelstation.com - Not available for our country (USA) or does not allow to join.

theprofitspy.com - ebook, $37 fee

tickerbar.info - Requires you to download software. Many complaints about non payments.

todayadz.com - Reported that you must invest/pay in order to join/cashout

titancashbux.com - Standard members can not ask for payment without investment or upgrade!

tradeasianforex.com - Forex site.

trafficxbux.com - Ad only site. Read terms.

TrafficMeet.com - No longer pays cash for surfing.

trance-bux.com - From 25.02.2011 only upgraded members will receive payments! News section.

trancebux.com -18) Free members and Bronze ADS members can't request or received payments!

travelmarq.net - $150 fee.

trillionbux.com - Requires you to invest if you are to cashout with paypal

tripplebux.com - forced investment site

tropicalclickers.info - profit share traffic exchange site.

trueblueptc.com - You must be an upgraded member to request payout.

twentydollarclick.com. - We do not pay real money this is a CREDITS ONLY site ...

typeinternational.com - Requires a fee to use. Complaints received about scamming. Source

ucashbox.com - forced matrix

unionstockholm.com - Investment site

unitetrade.com- HYIP

universal-click.com - requires you to rent referrals to cashout upgrade after you receive $8

usabigbux.com - Every UB $10 you make in UsaBigBux = US $1

vagex.com - Requires download of their software.

VesiBux.com - 50% of earnings go back to site at cashout.

viennaclix.com - paying only 75% of your cashout. 25% will be sent to your purchase balance.

viewbestads.com - For those from India, pays by check

vipmmbux.com - requires investment

VipClix.com - Turned into a forced investment site. No longer reviewable

vipdollarbux.com - Earnings are not actual. Read terms.

viprefs.com - Investment site

virurl.com - Paid to spam site.

vistaclix.com - Non-English site

voadbux.com - You must invest (add funds or upgrade) to request payout. per their terms.

vonbux.com - Turned into a profit share site. Also owner tends to open site and change the rules.

vynbux.com - Forced investment site, no longer reviewable.

washingtonbux.com - Forced investment site and complaints about scam.

watchtobux.com - 50% earnings only Read terms.

wealthenginex.com - Requires investment.

winvas.com - Investment site.

work4lr.com - Investment site

wtsbux.com - must upgrade, read terms.

wupload.com - file sharing site

xactbux.com - reported as a forced investment site and that you must invest to cashout.

xrayhits.com - Must be upgraded to cashout.

xtremesurf.info - Only 1% paid out.

xxbux.com - Requires investment after maxed amount cashed out. Source

yourbuxsite.com - Payout fee is 50% for Standard members Source

yourprofitbux.com - Requires investment

zalazbux.com - Must invest to cashout. Complaints received.

zeonbux.com - you have to invest via Paypal or via Alertpay, at least $5

zeonite.com - you have to invest via Paypal or via Alertpay, at least $5 to be able to apply for a payout.

zeonitegroup.com - you must invest at least $5 to be able to apply for a payout. Read terms!

zero-to-100.com - Investment required.

zeusptc.info - Earnings are not actual.

Ziddu.com - Paid to download site

zonaclix.com - Non English Site

zpcbux.com -Free Members get 10% of total payout - Read Terms

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